About Us

Telos Pest Control is a leading pest control provider servicing residential and commercial clients across Ontario. We have been voted as the top-rated pest control company in several regions and have been awarded the Top Choice Award and Consumer Choice Award for excellent service. We understand how stressful it can be to have pests in your home. Our team is passionate about providing you and your family with the peace of mind of living in a pest-free home. We strive to enhance your quality of life by providing a healthier, safer and more enjoyable home. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


At Telos Pest Control, What services do we provide?


Also, we provide all types of Pest control services very efficiently. We provide our service with a guarantee. If you live in the city of Toronto and need any kind of pest control, we are always ready to help you. We have been providing highly efficient disinfection services in Toronto, Canada for many years.  We are here to ensure your sleep. Those who have taken our services in the past have been genuine. So if you also want a life-free home, hotel, restaurant, or office then we are ready to help you. 

We have 10 years of experience in pest control service. In 2013, our Telos Pest Control company first officially started its journey. Since its inception till date, our certified staff has been providing Pest control services with utmost efficiency. Telos Pest Control is committed to making the city of Toronto pest-free.

Small insects have robbed your eyes of sleep? Are you unable to sleep properly at night due to the pain of bed bugs? Have cockroaches taken over your kitchen?

Then contact Telos Pest Control today without further delay.