What are moths?

Indian meal they have a reddish-brown or copper sheen on their forewings, while clothes moths have a buff or gold colouration, with reddish-gold hairs on the top of the head and around the wings.

Moths, distinct from butterflies in Lepidoptera order, were once considered suborder Heterocera. However, modern classifications avoid using these suborders as they are paraphyletic in relation to butterflies.

Where are moths found?

They vary in size and appearance from species to species. For instance, the Indian meal moth is relatively small and measures around 9 mm in length but has a wingspan reaching up to 16 mm. These stand out from other pantry-pest species due to the reddish-brown or copper sheen on their forewings.

Similarly, the webbing clothes have a buff or gold coloration, with reddish-gold hairs on the top of the head and around the wings.

Look for silk webbing left by the larvae, Store pantry items in airtight containers, Vacuum up spilled foods promptly, Dry clean clothes, Steam clean furniture, Use pheromone traps. If you have faced this problem in any way and can’t find a way to solve this problem, our team at Tales Pest Control is always ready to help you. So without further delay contact our professional team at Telos Pest Control today.

Use of appropriate pheromone traps can help with the detection and control of them from homes and other structures. For pantry-invading species, exposure to extremely high or low temperatures will kill the developing larvae and stop the threat of infestation. Home cleaning agents, on the other hand, have proven to be less than effective. An appropriately labelled insecticide product may be used to control adult moth populations. It is important to read and follow label instructions for safety. For severe infestations, consult a pest management professional to control and eliminate the moth infestation.